Janey Recommends Double Glazing Masters

Janey Recommends Double Glazing Masters

Why Janey Recommends Double Glazing Masters | After having our bedrooms installed with Double Glazing Masters product in July this year, we were so delighted we made the decision to have our lounge room and sliding door double glazed as well in early November. Again, we contacted Andy, who was only too happy to see us and discuss the details. Our existing windows and frames were very old, making them difficult to slide, which was not conducive to our existing back issues.

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We are very happy we took Andy’s optional idea of installing the opening of the new windows in an opposite configuration to the existing ones, to allow more airflow and breezes into the lounge room. Once again, Ryan who did our previous install, came in and did a mess free, and fantastic installation, ensuring the windows slid with ease, and they were installed with exact precision. Not only do we have the most attractive/elegant/solid white framed windows and sliding door, but the entire unit now has a modern, classy appearance, which increases its value. The windows and sliding door block out all the road noise, the nearby construction/neighbours/dogs barking/parties, sirens etc., PURE BLISS!!

We have peace and tranquillity throughout the entire unit now, thanks to Double Glazing Masters. The added bonus of this amazing product, is that the unit is now fully insulated. We purchased an air conditioner for the lounge room at the same time as the installation, however due to the effectiveness of the Double Glazing Masters windows/door insulation, we rarely need to utilize it.

In summery, Double Glazing Masters product has changed our lives! No longer do we have to yell over the sound of the traffic below, nor have sleepless nights from any outside noise/disturbance. The double glazing has enhanced the appearance of the unit, and the insulation is an added bonus.

Honestly, if you are experiencing any issues with any type of noise, have insulation issues, or you simply want to uplift the appearance of your unit/home, contact Andy at Double Glazing Masters for an honest chat about this super effective and exceptional product. After installing our bedrooms with Double Glazing Masters windows, we certainly would NOT have had our entire lounge room and sliding door done months later, if the product was not 100 per cent effective for our personal needs and requirements. We cannot recommend Double Glazing Masters enough!!! What a wonderful present to have a peaceful sleep at night, and sit in the lounge room without any outside noise. THANK YOU AGAIN ANDY AND DOUBLE GLAZING MASTERS!!!!!! WE ARE THRILLED WITH YOUR PRODUCT AND YOUR SERVICE IS AMAZING!!!!!

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