Sam Recommends Double Glazing Masters

Sam Recommends Double Glazing Masters

Why Sam Recommends Double Glazing Masters | We love our house in Brisbane, but over the years the residential entry road has become increasingly busy after more and more developments have been built in the area and the fact that the road near our home is the only entry point to the suburb. Combine that with the fact that some of the windows in our house I considered to be “leaky” (so much that you can feel the cool air coming through a closed window in winter!).

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After much research, I obtained a quote for “secondary” double glazing. This product seemed like it had a similar cost to a full replacement UVPC double glazed window, but a few nasty surprises that would not become apparent until later on down the track, such as condensation, noise vibration, and general aesthetics and clumsiness of opening/closing the windows/doors – not the result we wanted.

I then received a quote from Andy at Double Glazing Masters – the UVPC replacement were slightly more expensive, but the result I could see was far superior. Given that the product (UVPC Double Glazed windows) actually replaces your entire window outright, my overall opinoin now is that it is actually very fairly priced.

The team were very professional and delivered on their promise. The installation was swift and the team were clean and tidy. The acoustic results have met my expectations – and the quality is excellent. Reducing the noise entry through windows into the home is not a one stop shop process however, it is interesting how noise can move around windows and up through eaves and through the roof and ceiling – for us, this is the next step in reducing the noise even further. Every home is different, and my advice would be to fully research all aspects of noise/sound reduction (if that is the result you require) beforehand to ensure you will get the best result possible.

I highly recommend the team at Double Glazing Masters, and will probably be getting in touch with them again when budget permits for more double glazed doors!

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