Awesome UPVC Double Glazing in Hawthorne

A flash back to a previous project completed by your Double Glazing Specialists. This Awesome UPVC Double Glazing Project in Hawthorne transformed this beautiful Brisbane Queenslander home, with modern UPVC Double Glazed Windows, all the while maintaining its stunning character. Beautifully crafted Windows not only make your home look amazing, but add serious value to your property.

When we consider all the additional benefits to be enjoyed with Double Glazed Windows & Doors, it is little wonder why this Hawthorne Homeowner wanted to upgrade their Windows with us!

UPVC Style & Comfort

This gorgeous Queenslander home had a lot of character and we wanted to maintain this, despite using a modern building material. The Georgian/Colonial Bars, integrated into the Sealed Double Glazed Unit, look great and give an authentic look and feel for the property.

The Best UPVC Double Glazing in Brisbane
The Best UPVC Double Glazing in Brisbane with integrated Georgian/Colonial Bars for Style

Noise Reducing Double Glazed Windows

With Hawthorn being directly under the new Brisbane Airport Flight Paths, aircraft noise was now a paramount concern. This coupled with the property also being on a busy road, something had to be done about the intrusive noise. The Acoustic barrier created by Double Glazing was exactly what this home needed. Reducing the noise was a huge benefit to the homeowner and their family.

Another Awesome UPVC Double Glazing Project in Hawthorn Brisbane
Another Awesome UPVC Double Glazing Project in Hawthorn Brisbane – showcasing a Double Casement Window

High Performing Windows Save You Money!!!

Energy Saving glass can be used throughout your home to improve its overall Energy Efficiency. Windows & Doors throughout your home can enjoy substantial benefits from Energy Efficient Double Glazing to help keep heat in during Winter and out during Summer, in turn saving money on your energy bills.

Why Would You Double Glaze Your Australian Home?

Reduce External Noise
Highly Aesthetically Pleasing
Energy & Thermal Efficiency
Increase Property Value