Ultimate Heat Reduction Solution

ThermAcousta™ Glass: The Ultimate Heat Reduction Solution for Oxenford Homes by Double Glazing Masters

Discover the unique benefits of ThermAcousta™ Glass and why Oxenford homeowners should choose Double Glazing Masters UPVC Windows & Doors.

In recent years, energy efficiency and heat reduction have become increasingly important factors for homeowners on the Gold Coast, especially in the warm and sunny suburb of Oxenford. Double Glazing Masters, a reputable provider of high-quality windows and doors, has come up with an innovative solution to help homeowners tackle the heat while also enhancing their homes’ comfort and energy efficiency: ThermAcousta™ Glass.

ThermAcousta™ Glass: A Unique Heat Reduction Solution

ThermAcousta™ Glass, exclusive to Double Glazing Masters, is a groundbreaking heat reduction technology that significantly reduces the amount of heat that enters your home. This innovative glass is specially designed to block out the sun’s heat without compromising on the natural light that enters your living space.

The secret behind the effectiveness of ThermAcousta™ Glass is that these units are made up of an inner pane of high grade 6.76mm double laminated glass called Acousta™ which focuses on blocking noise but also gives the windows super strength and security.

Then you have a 12mm Argon gas filled cavity which has a unique double sealed system which makes it virtually impossible to leak utilising a non conductive Swiss spacer bar.

The outer pane is 6mm thick. This is a highly specialised toughened glass called Vision 51, which is predominantly used in the Middle East where the heat is extreme.

This has a magnetron coated double-silver lining which gives users a beautiful tinted glass, but has astonishing heat stopping ability which works great in winter as well by retaining warmth.

This is literally the best possible solution available for the Queensland market. It has a SHGC rating of 0.25.

Why Oxenford Homeowners Should Choose Double Glazing Masters UPVC Windows & Doors

  1. Improved energy efficiency: ThermAcousta™ Glass, when combined with Double Glazing Masters’ UPVC windows and doors, can drastically lower your energy bills by minimising the need for air conditioning and heating. This is a perfect solution for the warm climate of Oxenford, where keeping your home cool and comfortable can be a challenge.

  2. Enhanced comfort: With ThermAcousta™ Glass, your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, ensuring a comfortable living environment all year round. The glass also helps to reduce noise pollution, making your home a peaceful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

  3. Aesthetics and design: Double Glazing Masters’ UPVC windows and doors are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The ThermAcousta™ Glass can be incorporated into a variety of window styles, such as the large fixed window featured in the article’s main image. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of heat reduction without compromising on your home’s appearance.

  4. Long-lasting quality: Double Glazing Masters has a proud track record on the Gold Coast for delivering high-quality windows and doors that stand the test of time. By choosing Double Glazing Masters, you can be confident that your investment in ThermAcousta™ Glass and UPVC windows and doors will provide you with years of satisfaction.

  5. Expert installation and customer service: Double Glazing Masters’ team of experienced professionals ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation process. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their attentive and personalized service, making them the go-to choice for Oxenford homeowners.

Double Glazing Masters’ ThermAcousta™ Glass is a cutting-edge solution that provides effective heat reduction for Oxenford homeowners. With its energy-efficient properties, enhanced comfort, and stylish design, there’s no better choice for your windows and doors. Experience the difference that ThermAcousta™ Glass can make in your home by choosing Double Glazing Masters UPVC Windows & Doors.

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Energy Saving glass can be used throughout your home to improve its overall Energy Efficiency. Windows & Doors throughout your home can enjoy substantial benefits from Energy Efficient Double Glazing to help keep heat in during Winter and out during Summer, in turn saving money on your energy bills.

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