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The demand for Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Australia has never been so high, mainly due to the rise in Energy Prices, Suburban Crime and even as a result in suburbs & cities getting busier, leading to increased Intrusive External Noise. Double Glazed Windows & Doors improve Thermal Efficiency, add an Acoustic Barrier and increases security, FACT! Not only does it look incredible but is also Sustainable, adds value to a property all while reducing your Carbon Footprint & Energy Consumption.

The initial investment in Double Glazing has often been a deterrent for some when wishing to Double Glaze their home. With increased costs in raw materials, shipping and labour these prices are estimated to continue to rise.

The Good News however, is Double Glazing Masters, along with their International partners and global buying power, are delighted to be able to offer the DOUBLE GLAZING REBATE of up to 25% OFF the cost of Double Glazed Windows & Doors.

The Rebate is Exclusive to Double Glazing Masters customers. It could save an average 4 bedroom homeowner a huge $6,250 in REBATE off the normal cost of Double Glazing their home. NOW is the time to Double Glaze Your Home & make BIG Savings.


Double Glazing Rebate Terms & Conditions

  • The Double Glazing Rebate is based on a Full Replacement Service. For example: The Window Frame, Single Pane Glass & Screen (where applicable) is replaced.
  • The Double Glazing Rebate is only applicable on 3 items or over.
  • The Double Glazing Rebate is only applicable on new orders placed from 1st January 2022
  • This is not a Government based Rebate. The Double Glazing Rebate is an initiative provided by Double Glazing Masters & is EXCLUSIVE to us!
  • The Double Glazing Rebate cannot be used in conjunction with any other DGM Offer, Discount or Promotion.
  • This is not a Government-based Rebate. The Double Glazing Rebate is an initiative provided by Nationwide Windows & Double Glazing Masters Pty Ltd.
  • The Double Glazing Rebate is limited and maybe withdrawn at any time without any warning or notice.


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Reduce up to 70% of Intrusive External Noise with UPVC Double Glazing.

Be prepared to be amazed! There are no gimmicks, this is the REAL Double Glazing 1000’s of Australian homeowners and businesses switch to for so many benefits, especially Noise Reduction! Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. You may have heard that Double Glazing Reduces Noise, here we have the evidence! Check out our videos, sent in by our customers, to prove just how good their Double Glazed Windows and Doors really are!

If you are experiencing Traffic Noise, Construction Noise, Aircraft Noise, Noisy Neighbours or even Barking Dogs, we can help!!! Reduce the stress of dealing with Unwanted External Noise by installing Double Glazed Windows & Doors from Double Glazing Masters! Don’t delay and Contact Today!

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To become an Expert they say you must practice for 10,000 hours. The average window takes a lot more than an hour to design, build and install. So with more that 30,000 hours we have truly earned the right to become Masters within our industry.

As we approach the 40,000th Window we believe that we are more than qualified to call ourselves the Double Glazing Masters!

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