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We love getting reviews from our clients and sharing them. Check out our reviews here or visit their respective locations from Google, Product Review, Facebook & more. We are extremely proud of our reviews as they support the message we deliver via our website. We work very hard to ensure that all jobs have a successful outcome. View ALL our reviews on the following platforms or scroll down to read more!

"really glad we invested and chose Double Glazing Masters"

We don’t normally write reviews of work we have had done on the house. Who has the time? We pay the money, the work gets done, and that’s it – all good. But we’re making an exception in this case.

Andy, Mike and Daryl provided two critical things that made us sit down at the keyboard for a change: an excellent product and excellent service. Everything was explained to us in advance by Andy and all options examined. We’d originally wanted to refurb our old windows but quicky realised that this was a false economy. They would still be noisy, they would still let in the dust and it would take forever. And we’d have needed carpenters, glaziers, painters – too much.

The Double Glazing Masters Solution was seamless. They explained it to us patiently, answered our questions, responded to our emails (even on a Sunday) and delivered as per the timeline. When investing like this I want certainty. And we got it. They let us know in advance that they could start the work earlier than originally scheduled and turned up on time.

Mike and Daryl were unfailingly courteous and polite during the two day installation. It was like having friends round to help out with a project. They also explained things and gave us tips on how to keep the windows in their best condition going forwards. And they took away all the rubbish, plus the old windows (yes, I did try to sell them on Gumtree but didn’t get a single bite).

We’re really happy. The house looks much ‘younger’ now and the new windows will have contributed to its value. There’ll be less overhead noise from aircraft leaving and arriving at Brisbane airport ….. and less dust from the local race course. It’s also noticeably cooler inside and we can turn down the air conditioning a notch or two.

So, my first and last review. Very happy and really glad we invested and chose Double Glazing Masters for this job. Great product ….. but great service was just as important to us.

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Paul Yankson

"great experience from start to finish"

From the time of calling and setting up and appointment to the day of installation was super professional and a great product.
Paul was great and quoted a very reasonable price for a double glazed window in my main bedroom.

Upon installing Jackson came out and was an absolute legend, did quality work, left no mess, polite, punctual and did an amazing job.

All in all it was a great experience from start to finish.

Thanks again 🤙

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David Zuegn

"Better than I could have possibly imagined"

“Better than I could have possibly imagined”
I’m absolutely delighted with my 22 double glazed windows and doors.
This includes 3 Smart Glide Doors and Front Door.
The team that did the fitting were first glass, zero damage to both the inside and outside of my property as the old was replaced by the new – quite remarkable.
The quality of the product is world class, everything opens / slides smoothly, looks a million dollars – when everything is closed the house is silent and I back on to a busy road.
Im sure cooling and heating costs will be reduced too.
I highly recommend Double Glazing Masters.

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Rick Norman

"provide excellent acoustic as well as thermal insulation"

Probably not the cheapest option but the windows are solidly and durably made, to a German design, and provide excellent acoustic as well as thermal insulation. The hush inside rooms with these windows is amazing. Glad I opted to get Double Glazing Masters to replace my house windows. I made full use of their range of options for different windows, opening inwards or outwards for different situations. Looks-wise they make standard Australian-style single-glazed, aluminium-framed windows look tacky and cheap.

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z xbn

"couldn't be happier with the huge reduction in traffic noise"

My 2 new windows and 2 new sliding doors were installed a couple of weeks ago now and we couldn’t be happier with the huge reduction in traffic noise, it’s all very peaceful now. Visitors all comment on how good they look and that our house looks updated and smart. We only moved into the house near a busy road knowing I was going to double-glaze and spent a lot of time finding a good product. Im grateful to have come across the ‘Double Glazing Masters’, I couldn’t be happier with how its all turned out. The process was seamless, including the measure & quote, installation and communication throughout was friendly and professional.

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HB Pencil

"so impressed with the product I am getting the rest of my apartment done"

Double Glazing Master installed a window in my office. I was previously having issues with noise disrupting my work and after the double glazed windows were installed I can barely hear anything form outside. It also seems to help keep the heat out on hot days. I am so impressed with the product I am getting the rest of my apartment done.

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matthew mortimer

"new windows that will provide fantastic acoustic performance"

If you are looking for new windows that will provide fantastic acoustic performance, keep the heat out in the summer and cold in the winter and look great, then look no further than these. The photos I have attached illustrate their great aesthetics. Can’t recommend Double Glazing Masters or their product enough.

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Tim Walker

"very happy with the product and workmanship of the install"

We just had double glazing installed in our wooden house – very happy with the product and workmanship of the install. With the wood finish on the PVC it blends with the house beautifully.

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Brendan Mulcahy

"The new windows are amazing, they reduce the noise from cars zooming"

Thank you Andy for the double glazed windows and professional service throughout the whole process.

We live on a main road and during renovations decided to upgrade our road facing windows in the bedrooms. It was important to us to keep the same style as the rest of the house to keep the street appeal. Andy was able to provide custom casement windows with horizontal bars to match the existing windows on the house.

Tony the installer was also great to deal with. He arrived on time and did a great job installing the windows. He got the install done very quickly and left the place tidier than he found it.

The new windows are amazing, they reduce the noise from cars zooming past to the faintest of sound inside. Using my phones dB meter we saw reduction from 50+ dB-A while inside with the old wooden windows down to 37 db-A with the new airtight double glazed unit installed. They also keep the winter chill out and we see temperatures around 2-3 degrees warmer in the rooms with these windows installed compared to the rooms that do not. This has greatly improved the livability of our home and worth the price of install.

Thanks again,

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Chris Hand

"The new windows are amazing, they reduce the noise from cars zooming"

Andy and his team installed double glazed windows and glazed our al fresco very recently. Before double glazing installation, the traffic noise and vibration were extremely irritating. Our sleep and mood were affected. Now it feels like we’re in a different place altogether. Additionally, the doors and windows are aesthetically pleasing and the glazing is of quality that leaves the standard glazing in the dust. The house feels padded and safe (and better insulated!). Also, the tinting on the north side double-glazed window significantly reduced the early morning heat. On principle, I do not leave reviews, but I stand behind this one, as Andy’s expertise, professionalism and approachability–from the very first contact, through providing quote to installation was impeccable. The experienced team of installers worked very hard to finish the installation in one day despite unforeseen problems they had to solve. I highly recommend Double Glazing Masters Pty Ltd.

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"They went above all our expectations"

We love our windows!!!! Thank you so much to Andy and his team. We couldn’t be happier with their product, service and kindness. They went above all our expectations and we would happily recommend them to anyone.

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Sally Maer

"we needed to reduce the level of urban noise"

My wife and I moved to an apartment in inner-city Brisbane in 2018 and, after a year, decided that we needed to reduce the level of urban noise that was constantly coming into our apartment. We ended up going to Brisbane’s home show in 2019 and compared two companies by talking to each of their sales teams and arranging onsite quotes to replace all of the windows and glass doors in our apartment — a sizeable investment. We chose Andy and his team at Double Glazing Masters because we were impressed with the company from the get-go. And our impression didn’t change at any stage of the process. In summary: (i) Andy runs his company and gave us great customer service from our very first meeting with him, right through the entire process, promptly replying to all our email queries and phone calls regardless of the time of day or day of the week, with helpful, timely information; (ii) The range of double glazed products on offer was more than we found elsewhere, which allowed us to purchase within our budget and meet our requirements for sound attenuation and cyclone code; (iii) The lead-time for installation was clearly communicated to us, with updates frequently sent to us during manufacture. Installation occurred on the day originally scheduled, with five men onsite, guaranteeing our new doors and windows would be installed within the one day and the old ones taken away and the site cleaned up. It was apparent to me and my wife on the day that all team members were focused on delivering us a quality installation — which they did — as they fully understood that the new windows and doors were a major investment for us and our apartment. And now, just over two weeks on, we know we made the right decision — we can eliminate the urban din from our home! Well done, Double Glazing Masters!

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Michael Lefcourt

"whole house windows and doors replaced and highly recommend DG Masters"

We had our whole house windows and doors replaced and highly recommend DG Masters, very professional and the fitters were a pleasure to work with 5/5

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Mark Greggs

"extremely happy with the entire process and the outcome"

From the initial call with Shirley, to the quote with Paul, the meeting with Andy(owner), the final measurements with Tony and the fitting with Tony and Marty, I have to say, I am completely satisfied and extremely happy with the entire process and the outcome. We had a number of windows and doors replaced with Double Glazing. The staff at Double Glazing were extremely professional throughout, took pride in their work and completed the work to a very high standard and all within the timeframe agreed upon.

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Rainer Rautenberg


To become an Expert they say you must practice for 10,000 hours. The average window takes a lot more than an hour to design, build and install. So with more that 30,000 hours we have truly earned the right to become Masters within our industry.

As we approach the 40,000th Window we believe that we are more than qualified to call ourselves the Double Glazing Masters!

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